Nice to Meet You!


Art has always been a fundamental part of who I am and my interest in programming began when my 4th grade instructor taught us how to write simple programs in Basic. This exposure to programming at a young age had a profound effect on my life and by age 16 I was learning to write C by playing MUDs (text-based multiplayer game) with my college friends. 

As I grew older I had several career aspirations: video game developer, author, artist, and even geologist.

Today, I believe that code can be creative and that art and programming are not mutually exclusive skill sets. I consider myself lucky because web development allows the perfect union of my creative and logical aspects.

I am curious by nature and enjoy the life-long learning process.

University of Kentucky, 1991-1995, Fine Art

I’ve worked as a Business Analyst with a primary focus on databases and the creation of complex queries, as an Account Executive/Product Marketing Manager for a major advertising agency, and currently as a freelance artist and web developer.

The road has not always been easy, but my experience with difficult projects has provided invaluable learning experiences and exposure to industries that have shaped my career in a myriad of magical ways.

To learn more about my career path, experience, and current clients, please feel free to view my profile on LinkedIn.

On social media I describe myself as follows: I am a web developer, artist, video game aficionado, and tea lover.

Ah, the proverbial web developer and gamer stereotype! I fell in love with video games at age 9 and I currently play Destiny 2 when I have free time.

In 2012 I embarked on a tea adventure, starting with tea bags and moving on to loose leaf tea from local stores. Fast-forward 8 years and I currently enjoy a wide range of tea from vendors all over the world. My all-time favorite teas are Fujian, Yunnan, and Taiwanese blacks. As time permits I do tea tastings and post tasting notes on my blog.

My dearest passion is reading The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. My father would pass down his copies to me, starting when I was 13, and I devoured the contents fanatically. Those other realities were mesmerizing!

Interesting tidbit: I helped proofread The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction's Fourth Planet from the Sun, a collection of Mars stories. I am delighted that my name appears in the acknowledgements!